Capcom shows off Street Fighter 5 DLC characters Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama


Capcom has released gameplay footage showing off upcoming Street Fighter 5 DLC characters Rose, Oro and Akira.

First up is Oro, the hermit character who made his series debut in Street Fighter 3. In Street Fighter 5, Oro holds his pet turtle in one hand to make sure he fights with one arm only. Oro comes out this summer.

Rose, who debuted in Street Fighter Alpha, uses tarot cards to either buff herself or debuff her opponent. Rose comes out 19th April.

And finally, here’s Akira Kazama, who joins Street Fighter 5 as a guest character from Rival Schools. Akira has flashy air combos, and her older brother Daigo turns up as one of her V-Triggers. There’s no release window for Akira yet.

One final season five DLC character is yet to be announced.