Popcorn makers are one of the most favored equipments of most of the houses especially if there are children in the home. Having a popcorn popper is the best and the easiest way of popping theater tastes popcorn right at your home. These popcorn makers are available in several types and styles for meeting all your popping requirements.

Microwave is the fastest means of producing popcorn for years. This is the most convenient means of preparing popcorn instantly. The drawback associated with it is that it includes a large percentage of fat that is derived from the vegetable oil but still they are considered as one of the most favored popcorn makers. For preparing them, you just need to put them into a machine filling the lower part with the layer of kernels. You may add or butter according to your taste. Now put them into the microwave for about three minutes closing the lid top. You don’t have to worry about cleaning them, most of the poppers are dishwasher safe, and cleaning them is not a hectic task.

The Best Popcorn Poppers of 2020 - Reviewed Kitchen & Cooking

Stovetop popper is the oldest way of popping the kernel over the burner of the stove. This is the best way of producing tasty popcorn making it one of the most favorite snacks of children as well as for people of any age. In this method of popping, oil is used. You need to stir or shake to prevent the kernels from sticking or burning. The secret of tasty and excellent popcorn lies in the geared stirring system. The stirring movement is obtained by turning a wooden crank.

There is a range of brands that offer stove type popcorn but Whirley Stovetop Popper is favored for its excellent performance. They are popular among the lovers of the popcorn as they are quite easy to use, and produce popcorn instantly within minutes.

The most favored type of popcorn poppers are electric type and are meant for producing popcorn instantly. These are styled in various designs for attracting consumers with the latest technology. These are available in several types and designs for making your popping easy. They are available in several models such as small and mid-size countertop electric best popcorn popper which are ideal for home or business places.

These are motorized stirring machines that reduce the effort for stirring and producing great popcorn. Vents are also provided on the machine for keeping the moisture away. Other remarkable features of the machine are it is dishwasher safe hence eliminating the cleaning issue. They are heat resistant for durability and long-lasting.

Hot Air Popcorn machines are one of the best and healthiest ways of preparing popcorn. In this machine, the hot flow air raises the temperature of the kernels popping the corn. They are designed in a way that after popping the kernels they should flow out of the popper into the bowl.

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